Beauty is a refined quality of gracefulness
charm is an expression of self-confidence

Beauty and charm come from inside out, the moment that you step foot into Timeless Beauty Clinic, your journey in search of beauty and youth starts. You can entrust yourself to our certified aesthetic healthcare professionals, their vast range of medical experiences and high aesthetics standard will put your worries to rest, enable you to achieve unprecedented youth, confidence, and beauty.

Beauty has no standards, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is unique and eternal in your own spotless mind, beauty is being the only one who sees your own glory when no one can. Timeless Beauty empowers such grace and confidence to our patients, our aesthetic healthcare professionals provide observant, perceptive diagnosis to fulfill your longing and desire of a perfect self. We are good at identifying the potentials of every patients, and enabling them to bloom and shine by accentuating or enhancing their features and curves. It’s our commitment to deliver a result of confident beauty with balance and harmony!

“Sculpt” and”“cultivate” beauty are the core values of Timeless Beauty, we uphold the belief that beauty should be cultivated and sculpted, it should be preserved timelessly like how a sculptor sculpts a fine piece of art. We are the sculptors who love to unleash your beauty potentials with a professional medical aesthetics point of view. Expect a gorgeous glow transformation with curve-enhancing, to bring out a graceful S-curve silhouette, which enables you to shine like stars and boosts your confidence from the inside out. Be ready for a beauty makeover, be ready to be stunned by your own glamor and elegance.

Integration of Superb Medical Techniques
Pioneers of Ultimate Aesthetic Exellence

"Style Aesthetics is not only about appearance transformation, it puts forward principles and philosophical ideas of self worth and self confidence.”

Back in 1999, in the early stage of Taiwan’s Medical Aesthetics development, Dr Chun Tang Chiu devoted himself to the research of Minimal Invasive Aesthetic procedures.
Dr Chiu combined medicine science and clinical experience of Minimal Invasive Aesthetic procedures to extremes, his endeavors established high-level of aesthetic standards in the industry. Dr Chiu believes that true beauty comes from the inner strength to better align one’s appearance to one’s sense of style, beauty shall never go out of date, never go out of trend. Dr Chiu always tries his best to understand each patient’s needs, he is good at communication that his patients always feel comfortable to openly discuss their expectation and desired image of themselves. Through professional Medical Aesthetics viewpoints, he finely sculpts and carves beauty like a sculptor working on a piece of art, injects new vitality bit by bit into the eyes, face and expression. His technique peels back the layers and brings out the glamour with dimensional beauty in depth. He commits to deliver vigorous look of youth and beauty that everyone desires, a transformation of distinguished beauty.

Dr. Chiu believes that beauty has no standards. The perfect medical aesthetic experience should be like an elegant trio, a trio which depicts “ the perfect combination of the sciences behind medicine and beauty”, " the essence of medicine and art", and "the presentation of creativity and techniques". The beauty of medical aesthetics is all about fulfilling one’s dream of becoming a perfect self, and our doctor will do whatever it takes in terms of performing aesthetics techniques from years of experience and utilizing high-end equipments, to satisfy everyone's expectation. Our goal is to empower everyone, enable them to blossom with radiance at any age with confidence.

Timeless Beauty Aesthetic Clinic is lead and managed by Dr Chun Tang Chiu, who collaborates with the best doctors from different fields of medical specialties, including Dermatology, cosmetic surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesiology, and Preventive Medicine. We aim to break the barriers between different medical specialties and bridge the differences. Our certified aesthetic healthcare professionals provide detailed consultations and tailored treatments to bring out breathtaking beauty results, achieving a more natural, graceful, and radiant look.


Find Your Reliable Aesthetic Healthcare Professionals at Timeless Beauty Clinic and Entrust Us with Your Beauty!
Reliable Aesthetic Healthcare Professionals.Aesthetics of Styles. Exclusive Privacy

Dr Chun Tang Chiu believes that beauty is not a radical evolution, and it has no standards. It’s a medical aesthetics professional’s mission to explore the unique features of every patient, then performs procedures that work synergistically combined with the existing features, to achieve a more confident and gorgeous look.
“Sculpt” and”“cultivate” beauty are the core values of Timeless Beauty, we want to unleash your beauty potentials with a professional medical aesthetics point of view, like how a sculptor sculpts a fine piece of art with artistic sense, may your beauty be preserved timelessly. Our aesthetic healthcare professionals work hard to empower everyone to be confident with their unique beauty. This is why we came up with the name “Timeless Beauty”, this name represents the business philosophy which makes us very different from other aesthetics clinics in the industry.

Certified Aesthetic Healthcare with Tailored Consultation

Communication is the key to customer satisfaction, hence consultation is very important for us to openly discuss and understand your aesthetic goals to give opinions and advice on the appropriate procedure. The doctors in Timeless beauty collaborates across different medical specialities as a team, to understand your concerns and elaborate our aesthetic point of view. We will work together as a team to find out the best treatment for you based on your needs. Our doctors create miracles through excellent technique and aesthetics strategies to transform you inside out, to create a more confident and youthful look.

Exquisite Details, Pampering to The Extreme

Beauty is not all about a first impression, but a trigger to a touch of the soul by visual sensation. Timeless Beauty wants to pamper every customer by providing an artistic and elegant space, we meticulously build up a comfortable and private environment with European interior design features and beautiful art collection, and all the architecture materials are provided by certified high-end brands. We hope that our customers will enjoy our service in a picturesque artistic vibe.

An Aesthetic Journey to A Level- Up Experience

An impeccable medical aesthetic experience, shall be like a delightful trio with a perfect combination of the sciences behind medicine and beauty, a presentation of medicine and art essence, and a fusion of creativity and techniques, all these are meant to create a trio full of joys and inspiration to beauty. Timeless Beauty team devoted a very long time to research various top aesthetic techniques and technologies, we collaborate with international equipment manufacturers and participate overseas seminars, to ensure we can provide global quality-assured anti-aging procedures. We are your top choice for high-end medical aesthetic treatment.



Entrust Us with Your Beauty, We Shall Kick Start Your Beauty Journey to a Next-Level Self-Confidence.

Women are unique and beautiful creatures, as are men, but in different ways. Different ages, different given duties, different stages of life, and the commitment to different identities make us more beautiful and gorgeous in various forms. We all desire the passing of time would drive us to become more attractive, and hoping that aging does not necessarily mean the loss of youth and beauty.

We often see Hollywood picks the theme of “ time travel” or “reversing time” for movies. In these movies, people always lived happily after without aging. However, eternal youthfulness might not be what we think it is, it does not cause one’s life to marvel, when our face doesn't age through the passing of time, our beauty will be finite and limited. True beauty is meant to transend through times to aesthetic excellence.

Luxury Space.A Palace of Beauty

Timeless Beauty Aesthetic Clinic is located in one of the top luxury residential areas in Taipei. The clinic is build by illustrious architects and designed with majestic and graceful European palace interior. Once you step foot in Timeless Beauty Aesthetic Clinic, you can relax and savor every peaceful moment in this beautiful palace full of fashion, art and aesthetics. You may enjoy getting pampered and treated like VIPs here, we hope you can enjoy ultimate relaxation that will calm your mind and soothe your soul from the inside out, be ready to get rejuvenated to a youthful look of beauty.

Exclusive Privacy and Space

Timeless Beauty Aesthetic Clinic is a beauty palace full of luxury and serenity. We want our customers to enjoy their extreme comfort and privacy without any hustle and bustle, so we organized the treatment space with both functionality and patient comfort in mind. We tailor the treatment details and space based on the needs of each customer, such as exclusive privacy and space, VIP rooms, or shower space. Your privacy and comfort are our top priority, you may enjoy your treatment in a private and quiet environment. Our indulgent treatment not only pampers your face, but also provides an ultimate relaxation for your mind and your body with a soothing and healing energy.

Style Aesthetics .Recognition from Global Views Monthly

"Global Views Monthly" highly recommends Timeless Beauty’s unique business philosophy and aesthetics of styles. We do not take ROI (return on investment) into consideration when it comes to providing high quality services. We create something special in every details to provide high-end integrated aesthetic services, including Dermatology, cosmetic surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesiology, and Preventive Medicine. We collaborate with talents throughout different medical fields to ensure our treatment result is always above and beyond customers’ needs and expectation. Timeless Beauty is re-defining aesthetic services in the high-end Medical Aesthetics field by recognition and word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers.


Health Examinations/ Medical Aesthetics Visa Application Service

For the convenience of Chinese customers, at Timeless Beauty Clinic we provide a one-stop service for Health Examinations/ Medical Aesthetics visa application. We offer a fast and convenient service which only takes 2 weeks to apply the visa. Chinese customers holding the “Health Examinations/ Medical Aesthetics” visa can stay up to 14 days in Taiwan, this is to ensure our customers have a smooth and hassle-free trip, with sufficient time to schedule leisure time during the stay.