About Us

Welcome to Timeless Beauty Aesthetic Clinic. We are committed to providing professional consultations, showcasing aesthetic expertise, and upholding your privacy as our utmost priority

With exceptional techniques, we seamlessly enhance your innate natural beauty, while our anti-aging treatments restore youthful vitality. Our mission is to empower and enhance everyone's innate beauty through our expertise, despite the passage of time. This is not only the inspiration behind our name "Timeless Beauty" but also what sets us apart from others in the industry.


Effective communication is key to achieving results. Our professional doctors and consultants will extensively communicate with you before any treatments. We focus on enhancing your unique beauty, we want to enable women to rejuvenate and embrace youthful vitality, presenting the latest trends tailored to needs. Our goal is to build your confidence and leave you with a radiant smile when you step out of our clinic.

Exceptional services

Our spacious, comfortable, and private medical facility delivers top-notch quality and service, employing internationally certified products and expert medical techniques. We go beyond achieving results, valuing relaxation and enjoyment as integral components of our commitment to serving you.

Aesthetic Sense

To provide cutting-edge information and services, our team continually researches,attends international seminars and engages in academic knowledge exchanges. We ensure that you receive the most advantageous treatments. Moreover, our clinic environment embodies aesthetics, offering an elegant space that exudes taste and beauty.


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Clinic Director- Dr. Ling Bey-Leei MD.PhD

Dr. Ling redefines beauty through microsurgery, blending the latest trends with a sense of artistry. Her strategies elevate women's beauty to a graceful and radiant level, instilling confidence and fostering their natural radiance at any age.