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Welcome to Timeless Beauty, an international Aesthetic Medical Center provides VIP aesthetic treatments to realize your dream of a perfect self. Our goal is to rejuvenate you and bring out your natural glow and beauty. We offer comprehensive services from head-to-toe, your aesthetic journey can easily kick-start from an online consultation till you step foot in Timeless Beauty Aesthetic Medical Center for your treatment. A simple, hassle-free and relaxing aesthetic treatment experience awaits.



To help you to find out the best treatment for you based on your needs, before traveling to Taiwan, you can schedule an online consultation. You may contact our customer service in advance, or consult online with a doctor. We will provide expert advice and guide you through all the options and process in advance.



We believe that beauty is built on personal style and the expression of one's unique features. In order to figure out the best treatment for you based on your needs, Timeless Beauty combines a sophisticated taste in fashion with a strong sense of Aesthetics through years of experience. Overseas customers may consult online with one or multiple doctors in a video call, and let us know their problems, concerns, daily fashion style, and the nature of their work. Timeless Beauty will then create a comprehensive consultation for aesthetic treatments exclusively based on your information, such as age, identity, social and economic status.



Feel free to send us an email or a message on Line, WhatsApp or WeChat, or simply call us if you would like to schedule an appointment with the doctor.Timeless Beauty Aesthetic Clinic will arrange your transportation and treatment, we will provide a traveling plan depending on your needs to create a hassle-free, soothing and relaxing traveling experience. Please confirm your appointment with us four weeks before arriving Taiwan, and let us arrange premium quality services for you.


Transportation (Visa Application/Flights Booking/Domestic Transportation Ticket Booking/ Airport Pick-up Service)

Timeless Beauty Aesthetic Clinic
Our Location: No. 105, Level. 1, Lequn 2nd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491

After getting off the plane, you can take a taxi directly from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Timeless Beauty Aesthetic Clinic; we also provide taxi booking service which allows you to reach the clinic right after getting off the plane.



Timeless Beauty Aesthetic Clinic is located in one of the top luxury residential areas in Taipei.There are many accommodation options available,including Bellezza Taipei Hotel or Grand Victoria Hotel.If you have other preference, you can also choose to stay in a hot spring hotel or a boutique Bed and Breakfast to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing stay in Taipei.



For the surgical expenses and payment, we can provide price quote converted into different currencies such as US dollars, RMB, Hong Kong dollars, Malaysian ringgits and Singapore dollars at your convenience.
For overseas payment methods, payment methods such as online credit card, PAYPAL, and fund transfer are available. We also accept payment via WeChat or Alipay from Chinese customers.



When you arrive at Taoyuan International Airport, currency exchange service will be available at the counter of Bank of Taiwan. Or you may directly reach out to our customer service representative, our overseas customer service specialists will be glad to assist you.





Transportation options available to get from Taoyuan International Airport to the clinic:


Airport MRT


Airport Terminal 1
After existing the custom, turn left to go to underground B2 following the instructions signs on the way. Enter Airport MRT A12 station then take the Airport MRT train and get off at A1 Taipei Main Station. In Taipei Main Station, find MRT Bannan Line (Blue Line) then take the MRT train to Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, then transfer to MRT Wenhu Line (Brown Line). Take the MRT train to Jiannan Road Station and exit at Exit 3.
See the instructions below to find the clinic.
Airport Terminal 2
After existing the custom, turn right to underground B1 following the instructions signs on the way to MRT A13 station: Airport Terminal 2. Enter Airport MRT A13 station then take the Airport MRT train and get off at A1 Taipei Main Station, find MRT Bannan Line (Blue Line) then take the MRT train to Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, then transfer to MRT Wenhu Line (Brown Line). Take the MRT train to Jiannan Road Station and exit at Exit 3.See the instructions below to find the clinic.




Airport Taxi service is available at the west side(meeting point 26) of the Terminal 1's and Terminal 2's Arrivals Lobby at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. All taxi drivers must pass a strict evaluation process by the Aviation Police Office before to be qualified to service airport travelers. This comprehensive management protocol ensures safety for all travelers.

(One-way fare to Taipei City is about NTD1200-1500)


Airport Shuttle Bus


The available shuttle buses from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei are Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation, Evergreen Shuttle Bus, and CitiAir Bus.
For more information about shuttle bus schedule, (please visit)


VIP Airport Pick-up Service


VIP Airport Pick-up Service Exclusively for Timeless Beauty Customers
Timeless Beauty provides VIP airport pick-up service to make your trip in Taiwan easy, smooth and hassle-free.


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If you need more information, or any issue occur during your traveling, please feel free to contact our online customer support, they will answer your question and reply in a timely manner.

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