Medical Cosmetology

Medical Cosmetology


Style aesthetics

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Compound micro-integer
  • All-round consultation of Mei Wuji “Face Balance”

Medical Cosmetology

  • PicoSure honeycomb picosecond 755 laser
  • Thermage® FLX Phoenix Radio
  • Ultraformer Hive Epollati
  • U.S. Ulthera® Polar Sonic
  • Beauty Promise "Three Waves" Lati Treatment

Plastic Surgery

  • 3D stitch double eyelid surgery
  • 3D suturing levator surgery
  • VASER2.2 liposuction

Female Privacy

  • Private consultation clinic
  • Plastic surgery of labia minora
  • Combined vaginal tightening surgery
  • Cervical cancer virus (HPV) detection
  • Labia majora filling surgery
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • 9-valent HPV vaccine injection
  • Female hormone health assessment